Mt . Taylor Manufacturing

Home Heating Pellets 

Winter Is Coming!


Our Home Heater Pellets, Tiny T'embers and Calientitos are sourced locally both from restoration work we do in our national forests as well as clean urban wood waste, free of any chemicals, dyes, or additives!

This product is clean, natural, efficient, and helps benefit our environment as a renewable source of fuel and heat!


Our home heating pellets are only available for purchase by the ton! You can find select retail locations carrying these products by the bag!

Retailers Selling our pellets:

Eliminating Wood Waste

Our company has helped keep roughly 10 Million pounds of wood waste from piling up in landfills. Turning this wood waste into a clean and efficient product!


Protection and Restoration 

Our restoration efforts in the Cibola National forest is directed to and has helped protect our local watersheds from catastrophic fires, protecting the endangered species that use these rivers as their homes.

Adding Fire Resilience to the Land 

In our efforts to restore the forests to old-growth conditions, we have removed dangerous piles of excess wood waste and harvesting small-diameter trees that overcrowd parts of the forests! 


Products are available in select retail stores and on-location only!