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Timber Tots Playground Chips 

Letting the kids play, a safer way!

"Timber Tots," Certified Playground  Surface Chips, are exactly what you want beneath your playground equipment and in areas where kids of all ages hang from the bars, swing, slide, go round in circles or otherwise just have a great time! MTM’s Timber Tots are certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).


IPEMA provides third-party certification of playground surfaces to assure the material meets or exceeds standards designed to assure playground safety.


MTM’s wood playground surfacing chips, Timber Tots, is made from the residue remaining from the MTM small wood processing plant.  The material used comes from virgin ponderosa pine (now and then a touch of Douglas fir) trees. While MTM’s Albuquerque yard does recycle clean wood waste for the production of home heating pellets, NO recycled wood is ever used in the production of Timber Tot’s.


Timber Tots are available for customer pickup at our Albuquerque division, Out of the Woods Manufacturing, or are available delivered to your site for an additional charge. 


Deliveries are available in virtually any quantity from 5 cubic yards to 100 cubic yards.

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