Poof & Scoop

MTM manufactures three different types of Pet and Animal Bedding.  All are completely organic and free of any chemicals.


Poof N Scoop is our specialized, pelleted horse (or other large animal) bedding.  It is manufactured only from residue remaining as a bi-product of our forest restoration sawmill and consists of virgin Ponderosa Pine (possibly a bit of Douglas Fir) wood.


Why Poof N Scoop?  Because that describes how you use it.  Since there are no additives or adhesives in pellet bedding, upon becoming wet, the pellets “poof” as they return to sawdust.  This allows the user to see where the animal did his “business” and remove the wet area.  On the other hand, wood shavings get blended together and make finding the area that needs to be removed very difficult.  The result?  Pellets last longer!  Periodically simply add another bag or two to the existing pellets to maintain proper depth of about three inches.


Some people actually prefer to spread Poof N Scoop throughout the stall and then wet it down with a hose.  This is a great alternative and is still an upgrade over shavings. 


When using shavings, your animal is always at risk of stepping on a splinter or small stick that made it through the manufacturing process.  Wood used for pellets is ground down to 3/8″ or less prior to going through the pellet mill.  No sticks can get through a pellet mill and due to the pressure and friction heat generated in the pelleting process, no bugs or germs can survive either.

Critter Litter 

Critter Litter is our organic animal litter and bedding product.  Sold in small bags designed for smaller creatures, Critter Litter is a perfect bedding material for your pet hamsters or other rodents, birds and virtually anything else you want to make cozy!


Critter Litter is also commonly used as a totally organic cat litter!  Many people believe clumping, clay-based cat litter is potentially harmful to your favorite feline.  The theory is that, since cats lick their paws after using the litter box, any clumping material they lick up will end up clumping and swelling in their stomach.  Not good!  Organic pine litter will not do this!  Moreover, unlike clumping clay litter, Critter Litter can be disposed of in your toilet — even if you are on a septic tank!   It will naturally break down and return to nature.



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